Today, the first Medieval Festival in Cazin officially opened. On the first day, during the official program, we had the opportunity to attend presentations and a panel discussion on the topic “Historiographical Myths about Medieval Bosnia from Today’s Perspective.”

The panel participants were:

Enes Dedić: “Bosnia – Part of the Serbian lands of the Middle Ages?”

Adis Zilić: “The Myth of Bosnia as Part of the Croatian State Territory”

Nedim Rabić: “The Myth of the Coronation of Tvrtko I Kotromanić”

Dženan Dautović: “The Myth of the Bogomils in the Territory of Medieval Bosnia”

Elmedina Duranović: “The Myth of the Ottoman Conquest of Bosnia and the Mass Conversion to Islam”

Afterwards, there was a fascinating presentation and exhibition titled “Bosnian Queen Katarina in the Eternal City,” presented by Husein Sejko Mekanović, an art historian and sociology professor.