The Medieval Festival in Cazin, which is taking place from June 8 to 11, 2023, brought together archaeologists for a presentation and panel discussion on the topic “Recent Archaeological Research of Medieval Sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Results and Implications.”

Panel participants were:

Tarik Silajdžić: “Medieval Fortress Čajangrad in Gračanica near Visoko – Previous Research and Results”

Edin Bujak: “Recent Research on Stećak Necropolises and Fortresses in Central Bosnia”

Edita Vučić: “Research on the Stećak Necropolis in Paoča”

Samra Terzić: “Ossa loquuntur: State of Research in the Field of Bioarchaeology in BiH and Possible Directions for Further Research, Illustrated by Skeletal Remains from the Medieval Cemetery Divičani”

Ajla Sejfuli: “Luxurious Grave Finds Discovered in Medieval Necropolises in Travnik”

Numerous visitors had the opportunity to engage with these prominent experts and discuss various topics in this field. After a highly successful discussion, Festival visitors had the chance to watch the play “Bosnian Queen,” featuring the fantastic Ivana Milosavljević.