The Medieval Festival in Cazin, taking place from June 8 to 11, 2023, is slowly coming to an end. On the third day, in addition to an exceptionally interesting city tour organized with the help of the Center for Culture and Tourism Cazin, visitors also enjoyed a brilliant presentation and panel discussion. The participants were artists who, in a special way, shared their experiences with the medieval period and how it influenced their careers.

Panel participants were:

– Adnan Hajrulahović: “The Strength of Women in the Middle Ages as Inspiration for Fashion”

– Tarik Hodžić: “Bosnian Knight”

– Edin Durmišević: “Promotion of Cultural and Historical Heritage Through Illustration – Kings and Queens of Bosnia”

– Adis Fejzić: “Continuity and Multisculpturality of Stećak Art”

In addition to the excellent program provided by our panelists, all visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition “Kings and Queens of Bosnia,” authored by Emir Durmišević and Edin Durmišević. The exhibition will be available for viewing from Monday at the Gallery of the Center for Culture and Tourism Cazin.