The Museum of the Bosnian Kingdom continues with its successful activities and announces the Medieval Festival from June 8 to 11 in Cazin, the city where the Museum of the Bosnian Kingdom is located.

The festival aims to affirm citizens, the public, and topics related to the medieval Bosnian state.

“The Medieval Festival is based on an interdisciplinary approach to treating the history of the Middle Ages, with a special focus on the most significant issues from the history of the medieval Bosnian state. The festival’s program has a multidimensional character, including prominent historians and archaeologists of the medieval era, as well as artists who have found a source of inspiration in events from this period, and the works, lives, and destinies of medieval people. The main goal of the festival is to bring medieval history closer to modern people and allow interested citizens to socialize with scientists and artists in a relaxed atmosphere. This year’s program is focused on the presentation and analysis of ideological and mythological constructions that accompany Bosnian medievalism from the earliest approaches and treatments of this era to the present day. Forged constructions circulate on well-trodden paths, surviving through the means of public information and holding a strong position in daily politics and certain state projects. The deconstruction is contained in diagnosing the causes and reasons for the emergence of such interpretations of the past and returning to primary sources as the only solid foundations for interpreting the Middle Ages. An essential characteristic of this year’s festival is also the presentation of potential guidelines for future discoveries of new knowledge from this period. The noticeable diversity of artistic achievements created in recent years in our region represents a valuable contribution to nurturing the culture of memory of Bosnian medievalism. The presentation of this type of expression holds a special place at the festival. All of the above will be discussed through various forms: through discussions with historians, archaeologists, and artists, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and lectures,” said Dr. Enes Dedić on behalf of the Medieval Festival of the Museum of the Bosnian Kingdom in Cazin.