THE MUSEUM OF THE BOSNIAN KINGDOM, has opened its first exhibition on 30 July 2022, entitled “Charters of Bosnian Rulers and Nobles (1189-1461)” by Dr. Enes Dedić. The exhibition covers the time period from 1189 to 1461 and follows the transformation of Banate into the Kingdom of Bosnia through the charters of its rulers and nobles, written in Bosnia. The exhibition includes: Charter of Ban Kulin to the Ragusans, 1189, Charter of Ban Stjepan II Kotromanić to the Ragusans on the cession of Ston and Pelješac, 1333, Charter of Ban Tvrtko Kotromanić confirming the privileges of his predecessors to the Ragusans, 1367, Charter of King Tvrtko I to the Ragusans in 1378, Charter of the Prince Pavle Radinović to the Ragusans, 1397, Charter of King Tvrtko I on the abolition of the square for the sale of salt in the county of Dračevica, 1382, Charter of King Ostoja to the Ragusans on the cession of Primorje, 1399, Charter of Duke Sandalj and his brothers Vukac and Vuk ceding their part of Konavale to the Ragusans , 1419, Charter of King Stjepan Tomaš to the Ragusans confirming the charters of his predecessors, 1444, Charter of King Stjepan Tomašević to Ragusa, 1461. The exhibition is permanently installed at the fortress Ostrožac on Una in Cazin, but it will also travel throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. We are witnessing the importance of inheriting one’s own culture and history, in order to build a modern society on the foundation of today’s values and identity through history. The written word is an undeniable fact, proof of the times and circumstances of the society and the people, and we are proud to present you the exhibition “Charters of Bosnian Rulers and Nobles (1189-1461)” which have fortunately been preserved in the archives of Europe, so that today we could interpret them, learn from them and present them as our heritage and leave it to new generations to learn about the age-old values of Bosnia.