In early December 1429, the Ragusan authorities complained to the Bosnian king Tvrtko II and considered filing complaints with Duke Sandalj Hranić regarding the minting and use of counterfeit money in Bosnia.

On the side: “Pro monetis que falsificanter stronzanter in Bosna.”

“Prima pars est de scribendo domino Regi Bosne supra monetis que falsificanter et stronzanter in Bosna” Captum per XXXI, contra I.

“Secunda pars est de non scribendo”

On the side: “Pro eisdem monetis”

“Prima pars est de scribendo voiuode Sandagl supra dictis monetis”

“Secunda pars est de non scribendo” Captum per XVIIII, contra XIII. (2.12.1429) Consilium Rogatorum IV, 127v.